Artist Biography

Nicholas Tindall’s studio is located in Trappe, Maryland on an old dairy and grain farm dating back to the 1700’s.  His actual workspace resides where the milking stalls once were, converted by his Grandparents in the 1980’s into a full-fledged craftsman shop, where his Grandfather worked on his clock and gun collection.

Nicholas is self-taught, and began drawing as soon as he was able to hold a pencil.  Upon graduation, he made a left-turn and entered into business studies, eventually starting his own small business.

In 2012, after watching an inspirational film about street artist ‘Banksy’, he picked up a paintbrush and decided to return to his artistic roots.

The Work

He describes his floral-based art as “compositionally avante-garde, combining abstract with hyper-modern”.  Materials include traditional oils, spray paint and house paint.  Last year, he produced two NY-style solo shows in Easton, entitled “Photosynthesis” and “SYMMETRY”.



May 2015

On Friday May 1, local artist and Easton native Nicholas Tindall will debut a new body of artwork in downtown Easton, MD. The solo exhibition, entitled “Photosynthesis”, will feature over a dozen oil-on-canvas pieces ranging in size from large-scale to small-scale. The show will run from May 1 thru May 9 and take place in the newly-renovated showroom of the Daylight building, located at 1 N. Washington St., on the corner of N. Washington and Dover St.

The show promises to be an exciting event, pushing the boundaries of the local art scene. Together, with local woodworker James McCrea, Tindall has designed a sculpture to be built as a centerpiece for the event, to be unveiled on opening night, as well as a few other surprises. The event will begin Friday May 1 at 5pm and coincide with the First Friday Gallery Walk of downtown Easton.

Nicholas Tindall’s new works are compositionally avant-garde, taking his familiar subject material of vibrant florals and infusing them with a new theme of spirituality and ancient symbolism, resulting in a strikingly harmonious combination that is stylistically contemporary, with an urban flavor. He views each flower he paints as a unique, singular subject and often attributes them with human characteristics based on the emotion they convey or stimulate in the observer, whether consciously or unconsciously. The communion and interplay exhibited between language and biological entities hints at the deeper base relationship between nature and human beings, and brings to question the ever-growing separation of humankind from the natural world. This event is being sponsored by Easton Cigar & Smokeshop, Ewing Dietz Fountain & Kaludis Law Firm, Hill’s Soda Fountain and Cafe, Lanham Hall Design, and Vintage Bookstore. For inquiries or additional information call 410-924-8017 or emailntvisualart@gmail.com.



December 2015

“Symmetry” is the latest solo exhibition from local artist and Easton native Nicholas Tindall. On the heels of his near-sellout “Photosynthesis” show earlier this year in May, he will be unveiling another newly anticipated body of work on December 11th in downtown Easton, MD.

Having in his words, “really pushed the envelope last time” stylistically by introducing new visual themes such as striking symbolism and abstraction to go with his distinct modern realism, these new pieces are in the same vein, albeit with a little more spontaneity and increased urban art feel. “There was a lot of energy expressed and contained in a bold yet graceful way (the last time); this new group is a little less restrained… i.e. some of the color goes outside the lines”, says Tindall. In addition to applying classic oils on canvas, he also incorporates house paint and spray paint in each piece, ranging in size from small-scale to large-scale.

Thematically, Tindall’s new artwork continues to explore the connections between humanity and nature, the symbiosis between the two, and how that relationship has changed dramatically over the past century. “Symmetry” opens Friday, December 11th from 5-9pm at 12 N. Washington St. in downtown Easton. It runs thru Dec. 20 and will feature approximately 20 new pieces in a “New York Gallery Style” setting. For questions or more information feel free to call 410-924-8017 or email ntvisualart@gmail.com.

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